Quality Control


RSUN QC department is responsible for products quality planning and quality management work, implement finished product inspection standard, analyse all kinds of quality recorded data.

Improve the product quality abnormalities, control the complaints of customer and take improvement measures. RSUN has been sticking to the principle of unqualified raw materials are not put into production, Unqualified semi-finished production do not circulation, Unqualified products are not leave the factory.


RSUN test every part during prodution, to well control the quality:



The R&D department is the core of the RSUN, we have more than 30 R&D personnel and 33 sets of fully automatic SMT lines, more than 10 sets of automatic insertion equipment, ICT PCB testing equipment, ATE automatic testing center and aging workshop for all products, RSUN will always try the best to supply high-quality products.

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